Give thanks this holiday season

Show your thanks
Show your thanks
Have you heard of the term ‘pay it forward?’ Let giving this season take on a whole new meaning for you and your family! Below are a few ideas on how to give thanks in extraordinary ways. Making someone smile is the goal–have fun with it!
  • Have vending machines in your workplace? Tape a dollar to the pop or snack machine with a Post-it® saying, “Enjoy this snack on me!”
  • Take a bundle of balloons to a local hospital for them to be distributed to sick children. This simple gesture can turn a difficult day into one of the happiest!
  • Whether we want to admit it or not, snow will be falling soon! Do you know someone who might need their driveway or sidewalk shoveled? Unexpectedly, in the early morning hours clear the snow for this individual. When they look outside undoubtedly a smile will appear!
  • Frequent Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds for a fresh cup of hot coffee? You’re not alone! Pay for the person behind you without them knowing. Not only will they smile, but you will, too!
  • During the holidays, many of us go out to dinner with friends and family, and we often have large parties that are difficult to serve. Over tip the waiter, and leave a message on the receipt explaining your gratitude.
  • Perhaps the most simple of all: tell someone how much you appreciate them. A few kind words go a long, long way!
  • Don’t forget about our four-legged friends! Take old towels or blankets that are not being used and donate to a local animal shelter. They could use the generosity, too!
  • Leave a box of goodies, snacks or even a short note for the mail carrier–they’ll never expect it!
Our random act of kindness today is to tell YOU how much we appreciate your visit to our website. If there’s anything we can do, or provide more information as you search for a new home, home site, etc. please contact us at (586) 739-3410! Now, pay it forward!